Welcome to Nosoundwindows10


We are a young company, dedicated to the maintenance and repair of computers and components, with 15 years of experience in the sector of computer science and with highly qualified personnel that face up day to day with illusion and effort to the challenges and objectives that we marked to grow in quality and service.
We base our work on the satisfaction of our clients, offering a serious, efficient service and guaranteeing some very economic and accessible prices.
We offer customized treatment, we really have the last technology and the last new features, exclusive products, and repaired all the pioneering brands of the sector.
Our main mission is to size provide solutions for each and every one of the needs of our clients, or are particular companies or through an integral service of computer science conjugating very low costs and an excellent service.
We carry out budgets without commitment and in terms chords to its needs.
Always betting by a human capital highly specialized and a flexible service to the changes of the technological market.
If joint parties this philosophy and you need help you do not doubt in calling to us, we hoped to You.