policy of cookies

A cookie is a file that unloading in its computer when acceding to certain webpages. The cookies allow a webpage, among other things, to store and to recover information on the habits of navigation of a user or its equipment and, following the information that contain and of the form in which it uses his equipment, they can be used to recognize the user.

What types of cookies are used in this webpage?

When acceding to our Web one inquires to him that if continues sailing they install diverse own cookies to him and of third parties.

The cookies that this webpage uses are in their majority own, that is to say, they are sent to the terminal team of the user from the domain managed by the own publisher of this site and through what the service asked for by the user is lent, they are strictly necessary to serve asked for by the users and to allow the communication between the equipment of the user and the network.

This Web uses services of analysis of the Web (as a example: Similar Google Analytics or tools) to help website to analyze the use that the Users make of the website and improve the usability of the same, but in no case is associated to data that could get to identify the user.

The data obtained by the cookies is treated only by the Lender.

These cookies are used with the exclusive purpose of:

  • of entrance of the user
  • of session of authentication or identification of the user
  • of security of the user
  • of session of reproductive multimedia
  • of session to balance the load
  • of personalisation of the user interface
  • of complement (plug-in) to interchange social contents
  • in order to fill in the forms

All of them are exempt of the obligation to inform and to obtain the consent of the users.

Cookies of third parties:

In diverse sections of our Web cookies of third parties corresponding to social networks will be able to be installed to share content, these cookies has their own policy of privacy, in particular the following:

  • Cookie de Twitter, according to had in supol­tica privacy and the use of cookies.
  • Cookie de Facebook, according to the arranged thing in supol­tica of cookies.
  • Cookie de Google+, Youtube and Google Maps, according to the arranged thing in their page on qu©tipo of cookies use.

If it continues sailing means that it accepts his use. It can change the configuration of his navigator to be warned of the reception of cookies in his hard disk or to deactivate if the capacity wishes to store it these cookies in its hard disk.

How managed are the cookies? Since the cookies are normal text files, text editors of word processing can be explored with the majority of program or. It can click in a cookie to open it. Next, a list of connections is indicated exceeds how to see cookies in different navigators. If another navigator uses, he consults the information on cookies in the own navigator. If it uses a mobile phone, it consults the manual of the device to obtain more data.





Internet Explorer 8-10




It operates


Decontamination/activation or elimination of cookies:

In order to restrict or to block the cookies, it is made through the configuration of the navigator.

If it does not wish that the websites put no cookie in their equipment, it can adapt the configuration of the navigator so that it is notified to him before no cookie is placed. In the same way, it can adapt the configuration so that the navigator rejects all the cookies, or only the cookies of third parties. Also it can eliminate anyone of the cookies that already are in the equipment. It considers that it will have to separately adapt the configuration of each navigator and equipment that uses.

It considers that if it does not wish to receive cookies, no longer we will be able to guarantee that our website works properly. Perhaps some functions of the site are lost and is possible that no longer it can see certain websites. To reject the cookies does not mean that no longer it is going to see commercials. Simply the announcements will not adjust to their interests and they will be repeated with more frequency.

Each navigator owns a different method to adapt the configuration. If outside necessary, he consults the function of help of the navigator to establish the correct configuration.

In order to deactivate the cookies in the mobile phone, he consults the manual of the device to obtain more data.

Considering the form in which works Internet and the websites, not always we counted on information of the cookies that place third parts through our website. This is applied to cases especially in which our webpage contains what integrated elements are denominated: texts, documents, images or brief films that are stored elsewhere, but are in our website or through same.

Therefore, in case one is with this type of cookies in this website and they are not enumerated in the previous list, we requested to him that it communicates it to us. Or put yourself in touch directly with the third party to request information to him on the cookies that it places, the purpose and the duration of the cookie, and how it has guaranteed his privacy.