How to fix a mobile wet step by step without dying in the attempt

Mobile wet in coffee

Mobile wet in water


To fix a wet mobile

You fallen has the mobile in the swimming pool, or you have put with him in the water of the sea, or what is worse, it has fallen to you to the toilet, or did a friend yours throw the coffee to you or does refreshment raise?

You do not worry!  we are going to give several advice to you of how fixing a mobile wet in water.

If this has not passed you certainly you know which has happened to him in some occasion.

The great misfortune that you take!

She is one of the worse things than they can happen to him to your mobile phone.

After the years that we took dealing with this type of circumstances, we have been able to create a series of tips to advise to you what you must use for being able to reclaim the wet mobile.

The first a to value is with what type of liquid has gotten wet smartphone.

It is not just like one gets wet with fresh water that with water of the sea or refreshment.



What to do with a wet mobile?

To fix wet mobile


Mainly when you detect that your mobile has been wet, you must maintain the calm.

The following thing would be to value with what type of liquid has gotten wet.

Horror! It is very common after the attack of nerves that enters to us to try to ignite the mobile once goes out after to have dunked or to try to load it during a moment to see if it gives answer.

This implies short circuit possibilities consequently we recommended to you that it you would not have to do. The water is driver of the electricity.

The first step would be to open the mobile wet in water and to disassemble it to clear the battery to him and that neither your nor nobody can ignite it.

Nor it is happened to you to connect it to the current to see if it ignites.

Even so if already you have connected it before reading this article also is possible to be tried to recover, not it DES by lost.

In addition to have dunked, an aggravating one would be the water of the sea. The salt of the sea accelerates the oxidation and it eats the circuits.

Consequently after to have cleared the battery since we have shelp previously, the following thing would be as rapidly as possible to clean it with water

Yes you have heard well, you put it underneath the water spurt of the faucet to clear everything what you can salt and thus to avoid damages majors.

How to fix a wet mobile?

When you have finished comes to disassemble piece by piece of the mobile, battery, card sd etc., in fact is first that you must of have done first of all and comes to dry or each piece with a rag or a paper of kitchen.

Mainly we advised that you do not blow to you trying to eliminate the water, this can make the osseous opposite effect scatter the water within the wet mobile phone, still more.

Another system to repair a mobile wet in water that works very well, is to try to put it in an emptiness stock market and to extract all the air.

If podeis not to use the previous system, the following thing to realise to reclaim a wet mobile is to use a hair dryer. Although these devices are preparations to hold high temperatures is not advisable that you use much heat since the heat of the dryer can damage elements, can fuse them.

And already shelp this, the only thing that you would have left to try would be to put the mobile wet in water in an earthen bowl with rice.

Yes, you have understood, submerges it well to the wet mobile and all components (cards, batteries etc.,) that you want to recover
in a stock market or full bowl of crude rice. The rice is a great absorbent of the water. The mobile must be covered well in rice and you leave some 24 hours approximately it.

The ideal would be that this bowl or stock market of rice you could leave it upon a radiator or in a window where gave the sun him.

Well, and if this that we have explained to you does not work yet, and you do not know that more to do nor how to repair the wet mobile, only it is left you or to bring us it to our technical service in Nosoundwindows10.

I assure to you that we have a 98% of possibilities of reclaiming your mobile wet in water.

But mainly it is important that you do not lose the calm and you follow the advice who we finished to you explaining at least first and more
important that they are:


If all the previous one does not provide effect, or you prefer that we look it to have more guarantees of recovery, see you or as rapidly as possible sends it to us to Nosoundwindows10.

It remembers that our possibilities of success are a 98% percent.

I hope that these advice who we give you serve you for much and they have served to know how to you how to reclaim a wet mobile.

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