To repair the screen of the portable defeat

To repair screen broken of portable

Reason for breakage

The screen of the portable one is without a doubt the most fragile part and delicate, in computer clinic we have seen many ways by which a screen of portable can be broken as for example:

1- Fall: A opened fall with the portable one can be lethal it screen and to leave throws it pieces

2Mala Sujeci³n: If normally we opened to the screen taking the part superior of her and stretching upwards, it is very possible that we end up making a crack in that part that sooner or later expands to all the screen

3-Close with something in the keyboard: If we closed the screen with a ball-point pen, a burner or any thing of that size is very probable that we end the screen also broken.

These are the 3 more habitual ways to end the screen of the portable defeat, to change it is not very difficult but that it requires certain manna so we recommended that if you do not know very clearly what you are going to do better I do not touch anything and brings the portable one to us since you will have it changed in just a short time.

We do not become people in charge of any damage that can cause in your portable one I throw to try it by your account being followed our tutorial

As repairing the screen of the portable defeat

Step 1: Tools to repair the screen broken of the portable one

In order to change the cracked or broken screen we will not need than a small screwdriver star and coverall, the new screen more. There are very many models of screen we will be able search it online or to go to a physical store to buy it but it is necessary to be 100% insurance since the same we bought one and is not worth for that model. If we want to also make sure we can hope to arrive at step 3 to be safer

Change portable screen


Step 2: To retire the embellecedor of the portable one

With the portable one disconnected of the current and without the battery, we examined the embellecedor that is not more than the plastic than covers the screen, depending the model, usually we have some plastic rubbers which we can retire with the own screwdriver and underneath screws will be some that we must clear. These rubbers sometimes are difficult to remove and is very easy that they are badly once removed and they are not well if we put them again.

Camio portable screen

Underneath each pad there is a screw, we have to clear them all

Perhaps in some models we do not find screws so we would skip this phase. Once the screws were, we will have to remove the internal staples making handle with the own screwdriver or with the hand, nonsubjects to shred the screen, already are broken we will do this until removing all the plastic absolutely. We can help us of some flat tool, but by far taken care of if we do not want to break or to shred the plastic.

change portable screen

He is quite delicate and we can break the staples and that soon do not hold well

Step 3: To retire the screen broken of the portable one

Without the plastic the screen that does not work will be in the open perhaps although in some models we must retire some screws, in other models as the one of example the screen leaves single. We will remove it with well-taken care of since it has a connected cable and he is something fragile, we disconnected the ready cable and (In the case of some old screens it is possible that we see not one if not two cables, are had to disconnect both)

Change portable screen

                        Headress to remove the screws that hold the screen

Step 4: To mount the new screen

First of all we will verify that the screen that we have bought has the same measures that the one that we have removed from the portable one, if much idea that is not had screen is, now is the moment for going to some store with the screen and for asking that they give an equal you. If it is thus we return to mount it with the suitable screws, this screen is the new one so we will deal it with care. We recommend first of all, to connect the cable and to ignite the portable one to verify that the new screen works, if it works ahead is hour to follow with the repair.

Step 5: To mount the embellecedor again

With the mounted and verified screen either, or we can mount the embellecedor of plastic, normally it fits quite easy and as we are fitting staples we will go oyendo since it does. If your embellecedor has screws, once fitted we will place them again and try to place rubbers upon new covering the screws (In case they have not been bad in step 2) These you complete are mere question of aesthetic, do not realise a special function.



It seems troublesome but to change a screen of a portable one can be done in just a short time if practice is had, but we did not recommend to do it if a clear idea of how making it since the screen as much is not had as the embellecedor is very delicate and can leave us more expensive the change than to take it to our repair shop of portable.

Common errors that they can happen at the time of trying to repair by our account the screen to us broken of a portable one

1- The bought screen is not the same or he is not compatible with which we have in the portable one

2- At the time of removing the embellecedor, some staple or the embellecedor in himself is broken sometimes this piece this very hard and costs to remove, but before making force we will look that we have not forgotten any screw because can be gotten to break easily

3- If we stretched strong perhaps the screen with the put cable is damaged

4- To shred or to break the new screen at the time of placing it in the portable one


So if not these safe of yourself, you can bring us the portable one to our facilities and we will fix it in a few hours to a reasonable price

We hope to see it are of help, shares and until another one!

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