To change power supply

When a computer does not ignite and to ignite we understand that it does not react to the ignition button, most possible is than it fails the power supply, in this guide we will be able to see as changing the source since it is not possible to be repaired on the other new.

Step 1

power supply

With the dull and unplugged computer of the current we opened the cover. Normally we located the power supply in a right corner of the equipment can be located above or down following the housing model, in the photo of we see here that superior is located in the right part.


 Step 2

If you have never changed a source before, fix to you to how they go connected cables soon to be able to place them equal and coverall that your new source has cables sufficient to be able to connect all the devices that we have. Once identified cables disconnects all the cables that leave the source, usually they go 2 connected in the motherboard later and one by each HDD and optical, in the case of having powerful a graphical card those that go connected to the same. The cables of the source that go to the plate and graph have a clamp to pay attention well to the plate, we must loosen them to be able to remove them.

orde2          orde3



 Step 3


Disconnected cables, it is called on to unscrew the 4 screws that take at the rear, where the feeder is connected, once are outside the source already can be removed without no problem. You can connect, before disassembling the source later, or before mounting the new one to try that he is that the problem with connecting cables of the motherboard and graph or is really sufficient so that the equipment works and we can try if there it is the failure if that is the failure or we can mount the new source to mount the new source more it is not necessary than to remember where you had each connected thing and to leave it as before, before buying source assures to you that it has all the necessary connectors for all the components.

source feeding


Step 4

Now only it is to place the new source in his original place and being screwed the four screws and we have computer working.

We recommend not to throw the old source to the trash, in its place we can send it to a clean point of electronic recycling, almost all the stores of electronics or computer science is u
n good site to leave them since they have his companies of collection.

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    I believe that the best thing would be to leave it into the hands of a service specialized as yours. Although they are those that always risk to touch, in my case I prefer to leave it with which they know.

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