As protecting your WiFi of intruders

as protecting wifi

Today we will teach you as simply protecting your WiFi of intruders or of the neighbor who connect themselves to your signal.

The radio networks (Wi-fi) have made easier Internet of to mainly use in tablets portable telephones ..... and a long etc without having to use cable some.

As improving the security of your Wi-fi

To make your totally impenetrable radio network is impossible, but increasing his security we can do it more difficult to intercept causing that the hackers show preference for other less safe networks of your around. It follows these steps to improve the security of your network.

Step 1: To accede when router

First that you need to begin is to accede when router, to accede it opens the navigating Web and it writes the IP of your router (it is Generally normally this Web will leave prot©g©e to you by password, the password it you will be able to find in the part inferior of your router although most normal usually they are Usuary: Admin Pass: Admin in the case of not knowing it you can call to your company of Internet and they will put the one to you that you want


Step 2: To change Wi-fi password

Once within router first that we are going to do it is to create a password different from which comes from series with router since programs with data bases of generic passwords of router exist that they are able to guess your password in a matter of second. In case you do not have password is urgent that you put one, or will be able to accede freely to your network without password. In encryption the recommended one is WPA2-PSK or similar, to avoid in the maximum of possible the WEP keys since they are the most vulnerable once fact this, we have improved the security remarkably. Normally in routers the menu to change password is in Wireless-Security. NOT TO CONFUSE WITH PASSWORD OF ACCESS TO THE ROUTER


Step 3: To change the name of your SSID

SSID is not more than the name of the signal that router it is relaying, this name is personalizable and we can put any name, changing the name we helped, in addition to a to find our network with more facility, to increase the security of the network, because as with the password there are data bases that contain the names of SSID with their corresponding key. He is always recommendable to avoid to say of who is the network, for example: House of Juan, in case somebody wants to accede to your network does not know what is. The name we can easily change it in an option next to the password.

 Step 4: To reduce the rank of your Wi-fi


This is most effective in the cases in which you need wi-fi for a small office or a small apartment we can reduce to the rank wi-fi to make sure that it does not leave very far from our domains, doing much more difficult to intercept the signal, or to secure a so poor signal that is not worth the trouble to rob. One of the ways but common to reduce your Wi-fi rank is placing router within a box or covering the antenna, or even retiring it in extreme cases.

With the traditional networks twisted the fact that they rob to you your bandwidth it is practically impossible but with the radio networks it is not necessary to be a hacker or to have many knowledge so that the Wi-Fi signal and can even accede to your personal data although most common it is than it slows down the speed to you of Internet since can intercept you much people usually use your Internet to unload letting hers free one to be able to do what wants.


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