As increasing the speed of your computer

to increase speed PC

Notes that your computer goes remarkably slower than when you bought it? It follows these steps to learn to as increasing the speed of your computer

 Slow computer Sailing.


as agilizar1

If this image is to you familiar you are victim of famous toolbars, that in addition to bothering at sight slows down much the speed of the navigator, we recommended several things.

  1. To use Google Chrome (this does not solve the subject but he is fastest of the navigators)

  2. To go to Control Panel/to desinstalar programs and to eliminate all the programs that not utilizes, coverall those that you do not know or have names as €œToolBar' €˜these slow down much navigation.

  3. To pass a anti-virus or antimalware and to clean the equipment (not to commit the error to install more of a anti-virus, these slow down the computer and to have more than one can give conflict)

 Once fact this, we solved to the subject of the speed coverall at the time of opening the navigator.

 Very slow starting.

as agilizar2

 Does your computer take much in igniting and you must hope more than 5 minutes once taken Windows to be able to use it? It follows these steps, very similar to the previous ones

  1. Button beats Home/To execute, and writes Msconfig. A window with several eyelashes will be opened, the eyelash beats home, and clicka in deshabilitar everything, you will see all the programs there that are taken in the home, the anti-virus autoejecutan although deshabilites here, for that reason you do not worry

  2. Just as previous step 2, always help to desinstalar programs of publicity and toolbars in addition to passing a anti-virus.

Slow in games

This problem can be more of hardware than of software, if notes that the games go very slow or take in still loading having made the named cleaning above perhaps you have an equipment that needs an extension or has some physical problem of hard disk, most recommendable in these cases it is a change of graphical Card or increase of RAM so that the games work fluidly but.


At the time of installing a program, even unloaded from softonic or any Web of FIAR, they come full from programs extra that settle to average installation if it is not walked with well-taken care of at the time of accepting terms or activating squares already, is recommended to read all the text not to end the full computer of annoying programs

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