To extend the life of the battery

to extend to life battery


The portable ones lie down to lose their enchantment quickly when these constantly looking for the nearest exit of current to load the battery. How to avoid that the battery lasts the greater possible time and thus to extend the life of the battery? Here we give 15 useful advice you


1 . To defragment the hard disk regularly: You do your possible most effective hard disk thus defragmenting regularly we reduce the demand of access to the hard disk causing that works less, this way to part of life secures an increase of the hard disk, in the case Mac OS X it is not necessary since it makes a more efficient use of the hard disk reason why this option is not been worth for that has an Apple

2 . To reduce the brightness of the screen: The great majority of portable spends a great part of the battery in the screen, to reduce the brightness considerably increases the time of battery, Some even come with forms to modify the frequency CPU and the yield of the refrigeration. To cut them until the level lower than can tolerate to express a little juice of the extra battery.

3. To reduce the number of open maps. ITunes, search in the writing-desk, etc All these are added to the load of the CPU and to reduce the life of the battery. It extinguishes everything what it is not crucial when these using the battery.

4. To reduce to the use of the USB and peripheral of great consumption as hard disks also help to deactivate the wireless connections bluetooth or even the Wi-fi if you are not utlizando it. It is not necessary to say that the load of other devices (as iPod or smartphone) drastically lowers the life of the battery.


5 . To add more ram memory: When the system saturates ram memory makes use of the virtual memory of the system that is in the hard disk that since we have shelp before the hard disk much more has a high consumption that RAM

6 . To use the minimum the DVD: Every time less is used but the use of the DVD diminishes the time of life of the battery enough just as it could make it a external hard disk USB still more and if we recorded a DVD.

7 . To maintain the contacts of the clean battery: Clean the metal contacts of the battery every two months with a cloth dampened with alcohol. This does that the energy transfer of the most efficient battery.


8. You do not leave the battery without using during a long period of time, is due to ulilizar the battery once every 2 weeks as minimum, in addition never you leave battery it unloads absolutely

9. You do not leave the PC in hiberanci³n or in suspension, if there are to stop using the PC extinguishes it, in case you must do one of the two, elije hibernation

10 . Mant©n the low operating temperature €“ a laptop works more efficiently when he is fresher. Clean its exits of air with a cloth or cleaner of keyboard

11 . To form and to optimize its options of energy €“ To go to €œOptions of energy €œin the Control Panel of Windows and to form it so that the power consumption optimize (It selects the €˜principle of the battery€ for a maximum effect).

to extend the life of the battery

12 . Not to make multitask €“ do more than a thing simultaneously, when you are in the battery. Instead of at heart working in a spreadsheet, leaving its execution e-mail client and If you do not only make it drain the batteries before something is fulfilled!

13 . To use applications of low demand while you are in battery literally opening to a film full HD or a game of last generation would less than drain the battery of your portable in one hour but use

14. In order to extend the Life utility of your portable one, extract it if it is loaded and you continue using the portable one, coverall if you are going to use applications of high consumption that make warm up to the portable one, a battery used to 60ºC reduces its life in a 50% in a year

15 . To avoid that the memory effect €“ In portable, the coverall old a thing is created that we called the €˜effect memory€™ That it causes that portable you exhaust his battery when still this to 20% (aproxidamente) to evistar this is good for fulfilling a complete cycle more or less (to load it to unload it to the maximum and later absolutely) each a month

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