Mobile wet in coffee

How to fix a mobile wet step by step without dying in the attempt

  To fix a wet mobile You the mobile in the swimming pool has fallen, or you have put with him in the water of the sea, [€¦]
To repair screen broken of portable

To repair the screen of the portable defeat

Reason for breakage the screen of the portable one is without a doubt the most fragile part and delicate, in computer clinic we have seen many ways by [€¦]

To change power supply

When a computer does not ignite and to ignite we understand that it does not react to the ignition button, most possible is than it fails the power supply, [€¦]
as protecting wifi

As protecting your WiFi of intruders

Today we will teach you as simply protecting your WiFi of intruders or of the neighbor who connect themselves to your signal. The radio networks (Wi-fi) have done [€¦]
to increase speed PC

As increasing the speed of your computer

Notes that your computer goes remarkably slower than when you bought it? ] Follows these steps to learn to as increasing to the speed of your computer [€¦
to extend to life battery

To extend the life of the battery

  The portable ones lie down to lose their enchantment quickly when these constantly looking for the nearest exit of current to load the battery. How to avoid [€¦]